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21 July 2004 by Bill Chun Wai Hung in California

Bill was learning to be a cowboy during his 2001 exchange
student year in Kansas, USA.

I was tidying up my computer, and I found one thousand pictures out of the almost three thousand pictures I took during my 2001 exchange student year in Kansas, USA. My exchange year was subsidized half the cost at that time, and that was a very memorable experience.

The one holding the gun was me, and I was more like a cowboy in Kansas compared to being in California. I was shooting with the gun from my host brother, and the whole family has about 5 to 10 guns. Yes, that gun can kill.

Kansas was mostly open flat land, and you see miles of open land. Tornado and hailing happen in Kansas, and the weather was very extreme there. Air conditioners are needed all year round.

Kansas has one of the lowest living costs in the US, and life is good even you are working at McDonald's. The salary you earn by working at a grocery store is enough to buy you a very big house, a big truck, and get very big.

I kind of miss my host family now.