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Firewire (1394) and USB 2.0

Characteristic Firewire (1394) USB 2.0
Bus Type I/O I/O
Basic data bus width (Signals) 4 2
Clocking asynchronous asynchronous
Theoretical peak bandwidth 50 MB/sec (Firewire 400) or 100 MB/sec (Firewire 800) 0.2 MB/sec (low speed), 1.5 MB/sec (full speed), or 60 MB/sec (high speed)
Hot plugable yes yes
Maximum number of devices 63 127
Maximum bus length (copper wire) 4.5 meters 5 meters
Standard name IEEE 1394, 1394b USE Implementors Forum

Source: Patterson, David A.. Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware/Software Interface, Third Edition Chapter 8.4