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Bill's Book and Movie List

Book List

Japan for Starters: 52 Things You Need to Know About Japan. Danziger, Charles. ISBN 4770020872. Kodansha International (JPN). Japan 1996.174 pages.

How Full is Your Bucket? Positive Strategies for Work and Life. Tom Rath, Donald O. Clifton. ISBN 1595620036. Gallup Press. August 2004. 128 pages.

Spirited Away. Sen to Chihiro no Kami Kakushi 1-5. Studio Ghibli. ISBN 4197700822. Japan, 2002. 540 pages.

Feynman Lectures On Physics - Volume 3. ISBN 0201021153. Addison Wesley Longman. United States, 1970. 453 pages.

13 Secrets for Speaking Fluent Japanese
. Murray, Giles. Kodansha International. ISBN 4779923922. Japan, 1999. 173 pages.

Norwegian Wood. Murakami, Haruki. ISBN 0375704027. Vintage. Japan, 2000. 386 pages. 

A Room with a View. Forster, Edward Morgan. New York: Penguin Group, 2000.


Long.Time.Ago (Between 2001 to 2004)
Brave New World
Harry Potter 1-4
Sophie's World

Movie / DVD List

The Big Lebowski
Full Metal Jacket 2006.6.23.
Full Time Killer. 2005.4.26.
Harry Potter (All the movies) Before 2006.5.22.
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. 2006.5.22.
Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love. 2006.6.22.
Kill Bill - I 2005.4.23.
Kill Bill - II Before 2005.4.23.
Ice Princess 2005.8.28
Memoirs of a Geisha 2006.4.22
A Night in Mong Kok (wang jiao hei ye) 2006.4.21
Mong Kok Carmen (wang jiao ka men) 2006.6.13
Orange County. Half a Year Before 2006.5.22.
Orgazmo 2006.4.8. Featured one of the founders of the South Park.
Pride and Prejudice 2006.5.25.
Princess Bride 2006.04.16
Project X - Dejitaru camera ni Kakeru. 2005.6.12.
Project X - Ekiden Nihon Ichi. 2005.5.7.
Project X - IH (Induction Heater) ni kaketa 30 nen. 2005.7.17
Project X - Mahou no ra-men 82 oku shoku no kiseki. 2005.6.4.
Project X - Plasma TV. 2005.4.15.
Project X - Robotto inu ni kakeru. 2005.5.21.
Project X - Syoubu wa Tennouzan. 2005.5.7.
Project X - TRON. 2005.4.20.
Project X - Kakumei Toire. 2005.7.14.
Project X - Nichibei gyakuten - Conbini. 2005.7.14.
Rosemary. 2005.4.16.
Tian Mi Mi - 2006.5.27.
Two Ninas. 2006.5.22.
Wasabi. 2005.4.28.
Wedding Crasher 2006.4.20.
The World is Not Enough 2006.4.15

Note: Project X is a popular Engineering Show in Japan.

TV List

Aru Aru Daijiten. Ch 12 KTV. Watched many times. Sun 9pm.
Beauty and the Geek 2. 2006 Series.
Biribiri Shijyou No. 1. Watched many times. Ch1 CBS. Tue 10pm.
Blackjack. Ch 7 Miyagi Terebi. Mon 5pm.
Desperate Housewifes. May 2006.
Gekiteki bifuo- afuta- KHB. Watched many times. Sun 8pm.
Project X  Cyousensya tachi. Watched many times. Ch3 NHK. Tue 9:15pm.
Sekai ichi uketai no jyugyou. Sat 8pm.
So-ra-ka- Nihon Isshuu. Sat afternoon.

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