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Bill's New Bike

   My Bike was stolen. I parked my bike near my house in the afternoon, and later that night it was gone. I thought no one is going to steal my crappy cheap bike, I was wrong u_u.

Anyhow, I got a new bike today. US$68.99 with 10% off from Target. Target was pretty big, but not many staffs. I used their pump to pump up the tires, and I rode two of their bikes in the store before I actually buy it. In fact, I am not actually buying. I planned to ride it within 90 days and return it for full refund. Within 90 days, I will be transferred to UCs.

I even bought a light generator! The light generator can generates electricity for the front light while you ride the bike.

  I first saw this kind of light generator when I was watching the famous Japanese Movie "Love Letter" and I wanted to buy that for a long time. I went to the bike shop, and they didn't have it. I couldn't believe I found it at Target for only US$9.99.