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16 August 2004
The command line first, then "//" indicates comments

cd 61C
//go to the folder cd 61C
//go up one folder
nova.CS.Berkeley.EDU% iverilog -tvvp -Wall -o testincrement.vvp testincrement.v increment.v
//compile testincrement.v and increment.v
nova.CS.Berkeley.EDU% vvp testincrement.vvp
//execute the executable testincrement.vvp
Testing increment
[in0 in1]=00, [out0 out1]=01, time= 0
[in0 in1]=01, [out0 out1]=10, time= 10
[in0 in1]=10, [out0 out1]=11, time= 20
[in0 in1]=11, [out0 out1]=00, time= 30

31 July 2004

VHDL Software List

31 July 2004
ModelSim 5.8 Full Demo

Mini Tours  

31 July 2004

 文章标题: [转帖]你选哪种仿真器:Modelsim、Verilog-xl、NC、VCS?

VCS在RTL仿真是最快的。比NC大约要快10%。但是在门级仿真,VCS就比NC慢20%,而且有时产生一些错误。这时 NC是一个比较好的选择,而这时modelsim比VCS和NC都要慢,不过他提供很好的Verilog和VHDL的联合仿真。

31 July 2004

  • Verilog Boilerplate Generator -- -- Simplifies the process of creating Verilog modules from scratch. Enter your module name, inputs, and outputs, and receive the “boilerplate” (template) Verilog file ready for you to add your synthesizable module and testbench.
  • Silos III Verilog Behavioral Simulator -- -- Free demo available (fully functional with limit on length of Verilog file size).
    Behavioral Simulators:
    • Simucad Silos III Verilog Behavioral Simulator -- -- Free demo available (fully functional with limit on length of Verilog file size).
    • Actel Active-HDL -- -- Various versions exist for dual language (VHDL/Verilog), student edition, and time-limited evaluations.
    • SynaptiCAD Verilogger / Testbencher -- -- Verilog behavioral simulator. Free feature-limited version available.

    FPGA Evaluation Boards (Xilinx-based):

    FPGA Companies


31 July 2004
Summer 2004
Lab 4-2 - Intro to Verilog

To familiarize you with the basic syntax of Verilog.


Verilog Tutorial.


By convention, Verilog files end in ".v". The command to compile such files is

iverilog -tvvp -Wall -o <output filename> <input files>

which is available only on Option -tvvp indicates that the output is a complete program that simulates the design but must be run using the command vvp. -Wall displays all warnings. If you're interested, you can get more details on the options by running man iverilog.
To run the output file, use the command
vvp <output filename>


For this lab we shall write and test a circuit that performs the increment operation on a two-bit counter. The truth table for the operation is given below:

         in1     in0     out1     out0
          0       0       0        1
          0       1       1        0
          1       0       1        1
          1       1       0        0

You are given 3 files, which include 2 testbenches testincrement.v and testincrement2.v, as well as increment.v which contains the incomplete module increment. These are located in ~cs61c/labs/lab4-2/.

Part 1: The boolean equation relating output out0 to inputs in1 and in0 is simply (out0 = not in0). What is the most concise boolean equation for the output out1 in terms of the inputs?

Part 2: The testbench testincrement.v is complete, but has 1 bug. Identity that bug (hint: it is on the line that instantiates our increment module).

Part 3: The module file increment.v is incomplete. Complete it by filling in the equivalent of the boolean operations found in Checkoff 1 above. You must implement the boolean operations in structural Verilog, that is, you can only use the modules and, or, not, xor, nand, nor, xnor and buf. Show your TA your working testbench and module by compiling and running them using the following commands. Save the output to a file to show your TA when you get checked off...

iverilog -tvvp -Wall -o testincrement testincrement.v increment.v

vvp testincrement

Part 4: testincrement2.v is a slightly modified version of testincrement.v. We instantiated a slightly different version of increment, but the basic functionality remains exactly the same: it still takes in two-bits, and returns those two-bits incremented by 1. Modify increment.v so that it works with testincrement2.v, and save the resulting file as increment2.v. Show your TA that you get the same results by compiling and running the modified files.

Free Tools
Vendor Description
GPL Cver free, open-source Verilog HDL simulator. Supports the full 1995 P1364 Verilog standard and some of the 2001 P1364 features, including all three PLI interfaces (tf_, acc_ and vpi_). System C.
Verilog2C++ translates a C++ class of a Verilog design using a cycle-accurate representation of each nets and registers. Verilog2C++ is about 10 times faster than other commercial simulators, but has only simple functions.
Verilator free Verilog simulator. Translates synthesizeable Verilog into C++ or System C.
VTracer Verilog Testbench developer aid. Based on VCD dump file analysis performs design hierarchy extraction, trace comparison, stimuli generation, "and more."
VeriTCL Verilog Scripting Environment, allows embedded TCL scripts in Verilog code.
ScriptSim Seamless integration of Python, Perl, Tk and Verilog.
Verilog-Perl Perl library is a building point for Verilog support.
Verilog++ Verilog preprocessor allows arbitrary code including.
CRC RTL generation On-line generation of synthesizable Verilog RTL for any CRC.
Another CRC RTL generation On-line generation of synthesizable Verilog RTL for any CRC.
SynpatiCAD Wellspring (maker of Veriwell) was purchased by SynaptiCAD. Free demo version still available.
VHDL to Verlog translator v1.0 Free limited to a useful subset of VHDL, but it correctly translated a JPEG and Triple DES core sold at this site.
VBS Free copy-lefted Verilog simulator called "vbs", written by Jimen Ching and Lay Hoon Tho.
Computer5 Computer directory. Search for "Verilog". Free IP cores. Not all cores are in Verilog, but the following are: Ethernet 10/100, UART16550, IDE, I2C, SDRAM/CS Memory Controller, USB 2.0, and VGA/LCD.
Chip Vault Free VHDL/Verilog Chip Design organization tool.
Chip size estimator. Free applet that estimates chip size.
VRTAGS Free Verilog and Vera tags generator written in Perl by Jeff Koehler (mailto:
SMASH mixed-signal simulator Evaluation version, able to handle 50 digital nodes and 25 analog nodes.
Ver Structural Verilog Compiler Portable, lightweight Verilog compiler without line limitations. Behavioral Verilog NOT supported.
Icarus Verilog Verilog simulation and synthesis tool. Compiles Verilog into C++ or synthesizes into netlists. Under development.
Freeware Verilog/VHDL Project Pages for people working on Free EDA tools, especially a Verilog-AMS simulator. Project is a work-in-progress.
Open Verification Library Initiative An open source library containing Verilog modules used to specify properties of an HDL design to be verified, either in simulation or using formal or semi-formal methods.
Dinotrace Free waveform viewer.
gtkWave Free waveform viewer.
Win32 gtkWave Free waveform viewer ported to Windows.
Genscript Free version of Enscript printer-tool that knows Verilog (and other languages)
A2PS Free tool to convert ASCII to PostScript, supports Verilog (and other languages).
PLI's by Chris Spear including one to read and write files ("fileio"). from Verilog.
DC-PERL Synopsys front-end, by Steve Golson. See also the paper at PERL script to build a tags file to be used by VI or Emacs. Another tags file builder.
$plusarg $value$plusargs PLI source for the proposed IEEE standard way to read plusargs .
FSMDesigner Finite State Machine editor, Java-based.
Comit-TX Verilog testbench extractor, creates a self-checking Verilog testbench.
Verilog Models Linear<->A-Law converter, ADC, DAC and Serial EEPROM models.
Verilog Models currently only resistor and Intel Flash memory models
VHD2VL VHDL to Verilog translator.
V2HTML Verilog to HTML converter
Verilog Preprocessor VBPP Verilog preprocessors.
Verilog++ a preprocessor for Verilog files that introduces two new constructs to Verilog: arbitrary code inclusion and a parametized module generation.
NEdit Freely-distributable editor with syntax highlighting for Verilog and other languages
Structural Verilog Parser C++ data structure and parser using lex/yacc. Only supports structural Verilog.
Verilog Parser Originally from and submitted to comp.lang.verilog.