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22 June 2004

You want a great experience?


You can have that at Motorola - and one of the best times of your professional life!

Your capabilities will be tested in Motorola's student learning program. As a summer intern or co-op, you will have an opportunity to apply your education to solving real-life problems. And best of all, you will be in a challenging, supportive environment where you'll be listened to and respected. This experience will provide you with a springboard from which to launch your career and begin making a difference.

Internships and Co-ops are offered three times a year:

  • Spring Co-ops, January - April (16 weeks)
  • Summer Internships, May - August (12 weeks)
  • Fall Co-ops, September - December (16 weeks)


How can this possibly get any better? In addition to a rewarding experience, you'll receive many great benefits.

If you would like to be considered for a position at Motorola, all you have to do is:

  1. Visit Motorola's Career Portal
  2. Register with the site to take advantage of these features:

    • Sign up for a Job Agent to email you when future openings are posted that meet your interests

    • View the status of your application to specific openings

    • Store up to 5 resumes

  3. If you prefer to not register, select "Search All" to see if posted positions meet your requirements.

  4. Discuss your interests when recruiters contact you about positions that match your credentials.

22 June 2004
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