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Dream Job


US R&D subsidiary of a Japanese fables semiconductor design company for siliconized television tuners. Their parent company is publicly traded manufacturer and one of their products includes TV tuner card. 


Mixed Signal IC Design Engineer 


Mountain View, CA 


Cover designing project for TV tuners from designing, simulating, lay outing to lab testing. 


  1. Analyze specifications and design RF circuits in RFCMOS/CMOS process based on specifications, draw circuits with Cadence IC design tool.
  2. Simulate how the circuit works in a simulation environment on computer.
  3. Draw a lay out to place circuits into patterns to go on chips.
  4. Test and debug sample circuits in their laboratory, how the sample chips work within electronics products under certain temperature, battery level and functions.
  5. Take documentation of specifications and keep designing notes.
  6. Visit Japan for training and internal meetings every a few months for a few weeks in length.

***Training will be provided in Japan for a few weeks up to a few months depending on the person’s schedule.

***Junior level engineers will start with support work for 1. simulation, 2. lay outing, 3. Cadence tool maintenance.  



  1. Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering or equivalent.
  2. 0 - 5 + years of analog or mixed signal IC designing experience. (Entry level is ok.)

***Experienced candidates have to be capable of designing independent blocks (functional parts of each chip)***

  1. Experience and knowledge of Cadence IC design tool is a plus.
  2. Have experience in working on the development of a commercialized IC product from the designing to lab testing.
  3. Familiarity/experience with IBM's semiconductor process, especially 6RF, is a strong plus.
  4. Japanese bilingual skills (written and verbal ) is strongly desirable.
  5. Ability to travel to Japan for extended periods is desirable. (2 - 3 weeks per trip every few months.)

    ***VISA sponsorship is available. Candidates interested in relocating to Japan (now or in the future) are welcome.