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US and Japan Study Story

Craig Tibbets was in a verbose mode when he wrote, so once again, i'm going to go for the cut and paste action:

" The bare bones information is that I am now married and living in Tokyo working on a master's degree in M.E. at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. The story of how I ended up here is a little bit longer, but I will try to make it short.

During my senior year at Caltech, I was dating a Japanese exchange student attending a small community college in Upland. After graduating, I wanted a break from academia, and in the end I decided to come to Japan for a year to teach English at a Christian church near Tokyo. I had a great experience serving as a teacher/missionary in this church, although it was difficult being so far from Sachiko (the girl I was dating) since she was still finishing up her last year of college. My one year term of service the with church finished at just the same time that she came back to Japan. I didn't want to be separated by an ocean again and also wanted to spend more time in Japan, so I applied to the international program at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. After finishing my first year, Sachiko and I got married near her hometown of Osaka. It was very small, but pleasant wedding and my parents and grandmother were able to make the trip to Japan to attend.

Now, she is working as a secretary at a small engineering company while I finish up my last year. I'm planning to graduate in September - after that, who knows. We're really struggling to decide whether we should stay in Japan or move back to the U.S. At any rate, I need to find a job somewhere.

Although Tokyo is too crowded for me, I've enjoyed my time in Japan. It's really been a good experience for me and has also definitely deepened my understanding and appreciation of my wife's home country. I've been able to learn quite a bit of conversational Japanese, but I'm still basically illiterate, and technical language is mostly incomprehensible to me. Fortunately, students in the international course here are allowed to complete most of their coursework in English so I should be able to graduate. "

SEE? now you guys all need to take some serious hints from Craig as to the length of your correspondance with me!! WELL, that's all the news I've received. I'd be happy to spread gossip about the people I've seen recently (Ginger Garcia, Schuyler Cullen, Dean Haritos, Flora (Ho) Brewington, June Fujimoto..) BUT, i suppose i'll give you all a chance to write me officially, before i resort to gossip.