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Three Letters from EAP

13 Jan 2005




2005 Tohoku Spring Hotel Reservation Form


All students participating in the Tohoku Spring EAP English Engineering program 2005 are required to arrive in Tokyo March 30, 2005. A hotel room has been reserved for all students for that night. Students must pay the hotel for the cost of the room upon arrival. You will stay there 2 nights before going to Sendai.


If you have friends/family with whom you want to stay, please let us know so we can cancel the hotel room.

Also, if you are arriving on March 29, the UC Tokyo Study Center will reserve a room at Hotel Metz, Musashisakai, located near the UC Tokyo Study Center, for a night if you want. We cannot make reservations for any earlier than that date.


Hotel Metz: 2-1-8 Kyonan-cho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo 180-0023, Tel: 0422-32-5111     

(Single room charge: Approximately 8,400 yen per night, including breakfast. Students pay on arrival.)


Complete and return this form by fax to 805-893-2583 attention: Nicole LeBlanc

Deadline: March 1, 2005


You can also send it via mail to:    Nicole LeBlanc

                            Universitywide Office Education Abroad Program

                            6950 Hollister Ave., Room 200

                            Goleta, CA  93117



Hotel Reservation for March 29, 2005:      NECESSARY   NOT NECESSARY

Hotel Reservation for March 30, 2005:      NECESSARY   NOT NECESSARY

Hotel Reservation for March 31, 2005:      NECESSARY   NOT NECESSARY

Single Room preferred:   NO      YES  

Double Room preferred:  NO      YES*   Name of UC roommate:__________________  

*Please note that double rooms are not guaranteed.

We'll notify you if it is possible, but you should expect to stay in a single room.


If you choose "Necessary", please answer Q1 through Q2 below:

If you choose "Not necessary", please answer Q1 through Q3 below:


Q1.  Full Name (Print)______________________________________________________

Q2.  Contact address from February 1-March 28th:


Address: _________________________________________________________________

Phone: _______________________________   Fax: _____________________________

E-mail: _____________________________________________________________________


Q3.  Address in JAPAN (only if Hotel reservation is NOT necessary):


Phone: _______________________________   Fax: _____________________________

E-mail: _____________________________________________________________________

Valid from ________________________   Name of person: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­__________________________


Signature: ________________________________________ Date: _____________________

Note:      Your Arrival + Orientation Packet will be delivered on March 30 to the Hotel Metz or the address you indicate in Japan (if no hotel reservation is requested).




January 12, 2005


To: All Tohoku Spring Students 2005

From:    Nicole LeBlanc, UOEAP

Re: Departure and Orientation Information



With little time left before your departure for Tohoku, I am sure you are starting to get excited about this exchange program. This sheet contains a lot of important information, so please read it carefully and take it with you to Japan.


We hope to receive the Certificates of Eligibility (C of E) in early March. We will send them to you via FedEx as soon as we receive them.  With the C of E, we will also send you visa instructions, visa application, and a sample form.


You will be staying at the Hotel Metz in Musashi-Sakai, Tokyo, for 2 nights. This hotel reservation is pre-arranged for you but you have to pay on arrival for the hotel.  If you want to stay at the same hotel for an additional night, before the official orientation begins, we will be happy to make that reservation for you.  All students should complete the attached form and fax it to UO no later than March 1, 2005.


Please call me if you have any questions or concerns- 805-893-2831.



Tohoku University, Academic Year, 2005
Spring Engineering Program*

Last updated December 07, 2004.

Term Dates
Official EAP Start Date March 30
Arrival in Tokyo March 30
UC Orientation in Tokyo March 31- April 1
Arrival in Sendai/Dorm Move-In Date April 1
Tohoku Orientation April 5
Spring Semester April 6 - July 19
Supplementary Lectures July 20 - July 26
Exams Determined by instructors (usually the last day of class)
Mandatory Graduation Ceremony August 8
Earliest Date to Leave Program** August 9
*Approximate dates. Check with Study Center and host university for official dates after arrival. Holiday dates must be verified by the Study Center.
**Students cannot make arrangements to leave early. The Closing Ceremony is mandatory.


March 29            Depart for Tokyo
March 30                Arrive Narita Airport, Tokyo, and follow instructions below to the hotel
                                  Lodging: Hotel Metz, Musashi-sakai, Tokyo
March 31            EAP Orientation with UC Study Center      

Lodging: Hotel Metz, Musashi-sakai, Tokyo

April 1                       Departure for Tohoku via shinkansen, dorm check-in

April 5                 Tohoku JYPE Orientation
April 6- July 19         Spring Semester

July 20-26           Supplemental lectures (optional)
August 8            Mandatory Closing Ceremony

August 9            First day students can leave Tohoku


Please call Ms. Kayo Takahashi from the Tokyo Study Center after you check in to the Hotel Metz.

The cell phone number is 090-9950-9411.


Hotel Metz:

2-1-8 Kyonan-cho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo 180-0023        Tel: 0422-32-5111          


UC Tokyo Study Center

C/o International Christian University

3-10-2 Osawa, Mitaka, Tokyo 181-8585            Tel: 0422-33-3118

E-mail:     Cell Phone: 090-9950-9411


Leave for SENDAI

You will leave for Sendai by Shinkan-sen from Tokyo station after the EAP orientation.  Further information will be given during orientation.



       1) Since you will only be staying in Tokyo for 2 nights, we recommend you send your baggage from Narita Airport to the Tohoku University International Student House in Sendai. It cost about 2,000-3,600 ¥ per suitcase.  Please use a small backpack or carry-on for things you will need in Tokyo.

       2) The Tohoku University International House will provide you with a set of bedding.  The set includes: futon quilt, futon mattress, blanket, futon cover, sheets, pillow and pillow cover.   The sheets, futon covers and pillow covers will be exchanged for clean ones twice a month.  The cost for the bedding set rental and cleaning is 12,000 ¥ for 6 months. The fee must be paid in full upon arrival.

       3) Contact information for the Tohoku University International House is below.


[Your Name]

Tohoku University International House

19-1 Sanjo-machi, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi 981

Tel/fax: 022-275-9904


       4) After arrival in Sendai, you will meet volunteers from Tohoku University at the Central Exit of the train station.  They will take you to the International Student House. If you have problems, please call Tohoku University Foreign Student Affairs at 022-217-7820.



Please bring enough money with you to survive at least the first month in Sendai. It is estimated by the Study Center that you may need around 150,000 ¥ during the first month (which includes the cost of transportation from Tokyo and accommodations). 


For those receiving JASSO scholarships, scholarship payments of 25,000 ¥ (for the arrival allowance) + 80,000 ¥ stipend for April will not be paid until April 25th due to the structure of the Japanese national budget.  The JASSO May monthly stipend should be provided around May 25th.  All payments will be made in yen to you, and the Study Center or Tohoku University will provide more information (assistance with setting up of bank accounts if necessary, etc.) upon arrival in Sendai.


NOTE:  Please remember that personal checks are not used in Japan, and most shops do not accept checks, although the larger department stores may accept travelers checks. Students in Sendai usually have to take their travelers checks into a bank in the center of Sendai to be exchanged for cash.  It is recommended that you exchange at least $500 into yen before departure, or at Narita Airport upon arrival.



1.      Baggage delivery to Sendai                   aprox. 2,000-3,600 ¥ per suit case

2.      Transportation

          from Narita to Musashisakai          approx. 3,500 ¥ (Narita Express)

3.      Hotel Metz lodging                  8,200 ¥ per night (plus tax)


*This estimate does not include meal costs, sightseeing or miscellaneous fees. Costs may vary. Note the above costs are not included in fees paid to EAP.





Useful Web-sites:

Narita Airport


JR East


Japan National Tourist Organization

Travel Guide to Japan

Metro Network









Students must arrive in Tokyo no later than March 30, 2005.    Late arrivals are not permitted.  Check out the updated EAP calendar at


Tohoku Spring students must arrive in Japan March 30, 2005.


Students will be met at the airport on March 30, 2005 by Study Center staff. They will assist you in sending your luggage to your address (if needed) and getting on the right train to Tokyo. They can also help you with currency exchange and shipping luggage, and give you directions to the hotel. Details on where they will be waiting are provided below. When you arrive, you will be given information about EAP orientations.Do not leave the airport until you have found them.


If you would like to use this airport service by Tokyo Study Center, please send an e-mail to and let me know by March 1, 2005.


Meeting Point Details:


Date:      March 30, 2005

Time:      Between 2:30pm- 6:00pm (if you arrive at any other time, they will not be there to meet you).

Place:  “MEETING POINT” in Terminal #1*

Location:  The "MEETING POINT" is actually a room. When you exit customs, turn left. Walk about 30 feet. The “MEETING POINT” is on your left.


Office & Cell Phone #'s: If there are problems, please change some money and call the Study Center at 0422-33-3118 (office) or at 090-9950-9411 (cell phone).


* NOTE:  There are two terminals at Narita Airport. If you arrive in Terminal #2, you must take the shuttle bus to Terminal #1. We stress this because last year several students were in Terminal #2, and didn’t know it.  Needless to say, they couldn't find the staff.


Inform UOEAP and the Study Center staff in Tokyo as soon as possible of any changes to your travel and arrival plans.


If you will be in Japan earlier than the dates above, contact the Study Center after your arrival to let them know you arrived safely. If you plan to be elsewhere in Japan before your assigned ILP start date, send UO and the Study Center your address in Japan so that they may contact you there, if necessary.  If you arrive before March 30, you will not be met at the airport.


NOTE:  the ride from Narita Airport to Tokyo and your hotel will be quite long, at least 3 hours.  Plan this time into your arrival plans.


Study Center of the University of California, Tokyo

International Christian University

3‑10‑2 Osawa, Mitaka, Tokyo 181


Telephone: 011‑81‑422‑33‑3118  Fax: 011‑81‑422‑32‑0393

Emergency cell phone # 011-81-90-9950-9411


Udpated January 11, 2005