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The Search for Cheap Air Ticket

9 Feb 2005

I searched the websites like Orbitz, Priceline,, did several google search. The complete list of air ticket search sites are,,,,,,,, and maybe a couple others that I forgot.
Finally got the cheapest deal on (US$443.2), then did a yahoo search, tried out the new Yahoo Farechase Beta search, got the same cheapest deal from The flight I booked departs from San Francisco International Airport on 29 March at 12pm (US Pacific time) to the Narita Tokyo Airport in Japan at 4:40pm the next day (30 March, Japan time). The EAP people will be at the airport from 2pm to 6pm on the 30 March (I believe this is Japan time also). This sounds like the right time to arrive at Tokyo.
The $443.2 ticket is a non-stop airbus from Northwest (Northwestern?) airline with Dinner and Breakfast.
Excited and nervous. Everything still seems so unreal to me.
Northwest Airlines NW 27 Tuesday, March 29, 2005
From San Francisco / San Francisco Int'l (SFO), San Francisco, California USA 12:00 PM
To Tokyo / Narita (NRT), Tokyo Japan 4:40 PM
Terminal: 1 (Wednesday)
Status Confirmed
Cabin Coach
Aircraft Airbus Industrie A330-200
Flight duration 11:40
Mileage 5119 miles   Disclaimer
Stop(s) 0
Meal Dinner - Breakfast
Seat(s) 23B - Non-smoking
Status: Confirmed
  AIRBUS  A330- 200
キ Basic dimensions
キ Cabin length
キ Interior cabin width
キ Overall length
キ Wing span

45 m
5.28 m
59 m
60.3 m
147.8 ft
17.4 ft
193.7 ft
197.1 ft
キ Typical cruise speed 0.86 Mach 920 km/h 570 mph
キ Max range    11,850 km 6,400 st. miles
キ Max take off weight    233,000 kg 513,700 lb
キ Max fuel capacity   139,090 L 36,750 U.S. gal
キ Powerplants キ Two CF6-80E1 (maximum thrust)
キ Two PW 4000 or RR Trent 700 (maximum thrust)
29,030 kg
32,660 kg
64,000 lb
72,000 lb
キ Bulk hold volume   19.7/13.7 m3 695 ft3
Exterior Views Exterior Views
Interior Views




Aircraft cabin layout and seat disposition may vary from one airline company to another.
First 12 passengers
Business 36 passengers
Economy 205 passengers
Total seats 253 passengers

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