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Tips to Japan
1. TATTOO: In the Japanese society only criminals have tattoos! Therefore it is forbidden for tattooed Japanese to use public bathtubs.
If you have a tattoo, try not to show it, otherwise the Japanese think you belong to social scum or at least you might appall them.

(Bill: What the... mmm, so no Japs have tattoos)

2. American ATM cards only work at the post offices
(Bill: Oh, so I don't need to have a Japanese bank account, nice)

3. Go to Harajuku (in Tokyo), everything is cheap there.

(Bill: Oh, Nice. Harajuku, I will go there)

NAME - Unknown
ACTION - Make an OK sign but show your palm

If someone asks why you haven't gone to Japan yet, or why you don't have a big screen TV just make this sign.

(Bill: Funny Money Sign)

4. NAME - Unknown
MEANING - Position your hand under your chin
ACTION - I am not quite sure, but something like "I'm cool" or "TADA!"

(Bill: This is a way to be cool)

5. When you first go into stores, don’t freak out when the sales clerks keep yelling the same word at you. They are just being polite

(Bill: I will try very hard not to freak out)

6. Careful with the buttons on Japanese toilets. Be ready for a new experience if you press one while sitting on the toilet. And don’t flush anything down the toilet but toilet paper. Their plumbing is not as advanced as Americas

(Bill: interesting)

7. Keep it in mind that arigato, (Thank you) is the most important word in the Japanese vocabulary, use it as much as possible.

(Bill: Arigato)

8. even local phone call are charged every minutes.

(Bill: What the... Am I even allowed to call anyone? Because my friend will get charged?)

9. AV does not mean audio/video... it means ADULT VIDEO
(Bill: OK. I see.)

10. Not all trains stop at all stops. Pay attention to the color code on the train when it pulls up
(Bill: Really? That will be confusing)

11. There isn't a lot of luggage space on the bullet train
(Bill: ar, that sucks.)

12. In Tokyo, don't overlook Ikebukuro! It's got lots of good restaraunts, arcades, movie theatres, stores, a huge underground mall, Toyota Amlux (kinda a Toyota museum), Namco Namjatown... and it's a lot nicer than Shinjuku (IMHO).
(Bill: Another place to visit - Ikebukuro)

13. The Tokyo Tower is a real tourist trap. Except for the view, it's got no redeeming value. The vendors are all grumpy. It is the only place in Japan I ever saw elevator girls though... did you know they can sleep standing up?

(Bill: Really Amazing)

14. it maybe weird, but in Tokyo and in kyoto everyone stands on the left side of the escalator

(Bill: Wow. I have never seen that)

15. Business cards are very important and often exchanged.

(Bill: Really? Maybe I need to make one)

16. (Like most of all Japanese, flight attendances are true professionals in customer care!) Even though you might want to flirt with them, I must warn you that it might prove to be useless since they are not allowed to do so.

(Bill: I know japanese are good at customer care, but I didn't know I can't flirt with the flight attendances. U_U )

17. Remember that Japanese consider it rude to give them money in public place. Giving tips is NOT Japanese tradition. If you necessarily have to give someone money, you should give it in brown envelope. (There are special brown envelopes in Japan designed especially for this, they are rectangle shaped)

(Bill: really? So I shouldn't give tips in restaurant? In America, Tips is almost a must, or someone will block you from the door if you don't pay extra tips)

18.When eating noodles in public or private, SLURP like there is no tomorrow!

(Bill: This is very different than the rest of the world)

19. Japanese people are probably the best hosts on the planet. They LOVE having you there.

(Bill: Really? That's nice.)

20. Don't eat octopus balls. (NO not like THAT, they're fried octopus dumplings!)

(Bill: What?! Yuck >_<)

21. The bathrooms are strange. Get used to it. Public bathrooms are often coed. Get used to this as well.

(Bill: What the heck?! It means, it means I am going to the bathroom with girls, oh, I am having some pictures in my mind)

22. It is considered rude to take food out of the common bowl (the bowl where everyone gets their meal out of, ex. rice bowl) with the side of the chopstick that you're eating out of [that you put in your mouth]. This spreads germs and it is disgusting! Instead, use the opposite end (the blunt or thick side) and use that to reach for rice.
(Bill: ok~ I didn't know I am supposed to use chopsticks like this)

The population of the language use in the world (1996). The number in brackets is the population of which uses it as a native language.
    Language Population(million)  
1. Chinese 999 [853]
2. English 487 [330]
3. Hindi 457 [348]
4. Spanish 401 [346]
5. Russia 280 [168]
6. Arabic 230 [195]
7. Bengali 204 [197]
8. Portuguese 186 [173]
9. Malay / Indonesian 146 [54]  
10. Japanese 126 [125]
(1988)Saishin Sekai Kakkoku Youran,Tokyo Shoseki
Kindaichi (1988) p.74 Nihongo, Iwanami Shoten


Natsume, Soseki

作家名: 夏目 漱石
作家名読み: なつめ そうせき
ローマ字表記: Natsume, Soseki
生年: 1867-02-09
没年: 1916-12-09
人物について: 慶応3年1月5日(新暦2月9日)江戸牛込馬場下横町に生まれる。本名は夏目金之助。帝国大学文科(東京大学文学部)を卒業後、東京高等師範学校、松山中学、第五高等学校などの教師生活を経て、1900年イギリスに留学する。帰国後、第一高等学校で教鞭をとりながら、1905年処女作『吾輩は猫である』を発表。1906年『坊っちゃん』『草枕』を発表。1907年教職を辞し、朝日新聞社に入社。そして『虞美人草』『三四郎』などを発表するが、胃病に苦しむようになる。1916年12月9日、『明暗』の連載途中に胃潰瘍で永眠。享年50歳であった。

His novels are really famous. Actually the modern Japanese Language
from him.
His way of writing became the standard Japanese nowadays.
Major works are
"Wagahai ha neko de aru"
"Sore kara"
and many more.