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Drive a DC Stepping Motor - by Bill Hung Spring 2005

(Left) The whole DC Stepping Motor with driver circuit. 555 timer chip generates a clock for the 7404 inverter circuit. The four 7404 inverters forms a digital self-starting counter with the 4 Flip-Flop. The digital signal is fed into 4 bi-polar amplifier to drive a 5W DC stepping motor.

(Middle) The LED circuit that was used to test the 555 timer chip.

(Right) The Digital circuit with 4 inverters and 4 flip flops.

The circuit can adjust the motor speed as well as the direction of rotation.

Data Sheets

555 Timer Chip - TLC555CP

74HC74 Flip Flop with Preset and Clear

74F04 Hex Inverter

RC Oscillator

Completed 11 March 2005