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Goalie - Rudy Thauberger

This is a story about sport and family. The story does not focus on the excitement of the sport, but the role of the sport within the family. The main character in "Goalie" is a professional ice skater, a goalie to be precise. The narrator of the story appears to be the father of the main character. Interesting enough, there are no specific names mentioned in the context, but we as the readers are able to understand the whole story.

The only thing the son ever wanted to do is to play hockey, and he has been playing it since the age of six. The father does not quite understand his son's passion, and the father once asked, "Do you enjoy the game at least? Do you like playing?” The son merely answered, "I love it." (Thauberger 87) Even when the game is giving the son endless injuries and pain, the son has no doubt to play the game he loves. This story reinforces the saying that if you really love something, you are not going to be intimidated by small obstacles.

The narrator tried to pull himself away from his personal emotion towards his son and hockey, and he intentionally did not put any names in the story. As people read the story, the readers become someones who know the family. Or a house guest of the narrator's family, and the readers get to know the son with the perspective of the father. This is like being introduced by the father to know the son. This is a very interesting story that involves the subject of sport.