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1.  Drop Ins  - You can be sure to see an adviser during these two-hour time slots.  Sign up to see an adviser on a first come, first serve basis for quick questions (5-10 minutes).   Currently, the schedule is as follows:

Monday  2-4
Tuesday 10-12
Wednesday       10-12
Thursday        2-4
Friday          2-4
2.  Appointments - If you need to discuss something in detail or if you feel you have a complex issue, it's best to make an appointment for a half hour meeting.  Please call (510) 642-2818.

Good luck and see you soon!

The Staff at SISS:

        Ivor Emmanuel
Student Advisers:
        David Brandt
        Lisa Kosiewicz
        Laura Nikravesh
Scholar Advisers:
        Gloria Law
        Ron Reeves      
        Rick Schlee     
        Rachael Weber
Technical and Administrative Staff:
        Don Bernstein
        Jackie Blossom-Garcia
        Adam Courtman
        Lillian Otsuka
          Lillian Torres
        Dianne Walker
        Rosemary Yacono
        Rich Yien
Student Assistants
        Alan Chu
        Ke Ren