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Adobe Atmosphere scenes need to be interactive - and that means programming. — Jim Coe

 Click to try out Bill's interactive 3D Room

Movie in a 3D Room 26 Oct 2004

Today I added a new room called "Room Fall 2004". This new room can be linked from the original Bill Room. The laptop in the screenshot is playing a movie with sound. You can click on the picture to try out the room.

3D Hyperlinking 22 Oct 2004

This is to say all the hyperlinks that you are used to becomes 3D pictures. Now I can click on a 3d Object to link to a website. Clicking the pictures in my 3d room links you to the webpage that gives you further details.

Lady Bunny's Trivia Site

21 Oct 2004

This is a world I found worth remembering. The illuminating objects, for which they called UFO, actually flies around you. So cool.

Bill's Room 15 Oct 2004

Unfortunately, Netfirm doesn't seem to allow .aer. So the interactive room cannot be displayed here. The link on the front page can link to my interactive world, so as the picture above.